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Thirty, sixty, ninety – a Zeunert birthday party

Thirty, sixty, ninety –  a Zeunert birthday party

The numbers have lined up for Angaston’s Zeunert family.

In a quirky coincidence, three generations have celebrated milestone birthdays all in the one year.

Patriach, Errol Zeunert, turned 90 earlier this month, completing a thirty year sequence that son, Michael, aged 60 and granddaughter,  Briony, 30 began in September.

Briony laughs as she says she’s broken the three decade pattern but Errol is just proud to have enjoyed nine fruitful decades of life.

“I just think it’s wonderful that I’m 90. I feel blessed that my family is all around me,” said the father of four.

Michael, whilst not sure he likes “all this talk about round figures,” is chuffed to be able to enjoy milestones with his father and daughter and jokes that it was all part of a 90 year master plan.

“I’m proud that my father sorted this out… 30, 60 and 90. I think it was really smart of him thinking ahead sixty years!”

Between Errol  and his wife, Ira who is 86 years of age, the Angaston couple have 17 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Errol quite likes the chaos that extended family brings and having an attitude of the “more the merrier”, he said he would be happy to see more Zeunerts in the world.

“It’s good actually, I don’t mind – they can keep going!”

Still living an active and rewarding life, the former builder has set an example, passing on his work ethic and zest for life to the next generations.

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