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Community gallery flooded

Community gallery flooded

Flash flooding has caused chaos in Kapunda.

Box gutters overflowed and ceilings caved in after hail and heavy rains bucketed down in a matter of minutes last Wednesday.

Main street buildings including Menzel’s Meats, Light Community Church, Kapunda Community Gallery and the local hairdresser were among the list of damaged businesses as well a homes around town.

Around fifty students were evacuated from two classrooms at Kapunda Primary School when hail blocked gutters ,causing water to enter.

Ms Alecia Jones was the volunteer attendant at Kapunda Community Gallery when the storm front hit at around lunchtime.

“You couldn’t see the building across the road, it was truly that thick,” Alecia said.

“The road was six inches under water. It was just a river.”

While taking photos of the spectacle outside the window, Alecia heard a section of ceiling cave in behind her.

“I’m standing just outside the door and next minute I heard a bang. I came in and there was just water running everywhere, right through the whole building, on the computer, on everything – the floor, the ceiling, the artworks.”

The downpour  lasted around 15 minutes with Kapunda Post Office’s Ian Todd officially recording 17 millimetres during that time.

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