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On the waves of success

On the waves of success

Parker Siegele, Nuriootpa, is making a splash in the USA with his recent participation in the Wakeboard World Series from April to October.

Parker competed in 8 to 9 events in the WWS and was in eighth position overall in the 2015 Pro Men’s Wakeboard Tour.

He finished in sixteenth position overall in the WWS and was glad he finished in the top ten in the Pro Men’s competition.

Parker said, “It’s hard being my first year in the tournament. A lot of the men have more experience and know how it all works.

“The travelling is fun and meeting new people is great. Going into pro men’s was huge for me. It shows where I want to be right now.”

Parker has been competing overseas in the USA since he was 15 and lives in Florida for six months every year.

He started out in grassroot events in South Australia and was doing well in the local competitions.

He was successful at both state and nationals before he started looking internationally.

Parker said, “My family had a shack by the river. It was tradition to go on a boat, do some skiing and things like that. Then I tried wakeboarding, I liked it a lot and didn’tstop.

“I like doing a sport that I can do my own way. With football and other sports you get told what to do. But with wakeboarding you can do what you want and do it in your own special way.”

At the moment, Parker is taking a well-deserved rest after making the top ten in the Pro Tour.

Wakeboarding is currently in their off season and with no competitions 

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