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Stumped by a flying branch

Stumped by a flying branch

Joanne and Dennis Saegenschnitter of Tanunda got the shock of their lives last Monday when a rogue tree branch hit their car whilst driving. 

“I’d picked up Joanne from volunteering at Carers’ Link in Nuriootpa and we’d just left the furniture warehouse and were proceeding along Railway Terrace when next thing you know, a branch blew down in front of us,” Dennis said. 

“There was no warning. Quite often with trees you will hear a crack, but there was nothing,” Joanne added.

“It struck the front of the car and went up over the roof before we even knew what was happening.” 

Fortunately, the couple came away from the incident unscathed, however damage had occurred to several panels on their car.

Dennis said that it was fortunate they weren’t travelling faster.  

“We were lucky it was only a small branch, it could have been a lot worse!” Joanne said. 

“It was really just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Dennis.