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Karina Cook is Netballer of the Year

Karina Cook is Netballer of the Year

Karina Cook from South Gawler won the Senior One netballer of the year at the Barossa, Light & Gawler Netball Association Presentation Dinner held at the Vine Inn Barossa on Saturday.

Other winners on the night were: Sub Junior netballer of the year, Erin Schick, Nuriootpa; Junior netballer of the year, Bethany Sutherland, Willaston; Intermediate netballer of the year, Caitlin Scott, Tanunda; Senior 2 netballer of the year, Sonja Davey, South Gawler; Senior 1 netballer of the year, Karina Cook, South Gawler.

Best and Fairest: Senior 1, Karina Cook, South Gawler and Hayley Spaans, Tanunda, 13 votes; Senior 2, Shelby Smith, Gawler Central, 12 votes; Senior 3, Carolyn Westley, Barossa District, 17 votes; Senior 4, Susan Corbett, Tanunda and Jenny Finlay, Gawler Central, 13 votes; Senior 5, Kayla Doolan, South Gawler, 16 votes; Senior 6, Harmony Chambers, Tanunda, 14 votes; Senior 7, Jeanette Hooper, Tanunda, 11 votes.

Junior 2, Ellie Clark, Tanunda, 21 votes;  runner up, Lucy Elsworthy, Angaston, 17 votes. Junior 1, Bree Robinson, Freeling, 21 votes; runner up, Tilly Hadden, Angaston, 18 votes. 

Sub Junior 3, Taylah Chancellor, Willaston, 15 votes; runner up, Shania Wagner, Freeling and Alyssa Gurney, South Gawler, 10 votes.

Sub Junior 2, Alison Bedell, South Gawler, 15 votes; runner up, Caitlin Westley, Barossa District and Stephanie Nikopoulos, Willaston, 10 votes.

Sub Junior 1, Darcie Brown, Kapunda, 12 votes; runner up, Tiarna Grovermann, Barossa District and Erin Schick, Nuriootpa, 11 votes.

Intermediate 2, Kate Burnett, Gawler Central, 17 votes; runner up, Karen Kalleske, Nuriootpa and Kiara Rawlinson, Willaston, 12 votes.

Intermediate 1, Toni Eberhard, Angaston, 13 votes; runner up, Chelsea Brook, Angaston, 11 votes.

Team of the Year. Goalies: Lisa Wilson, Willaston; Karina Cook, South Gawler; Tab Mackenzie, Kapunda. Centre Court: Penny Chappell, Kapunda; Anna Dunn, South Gawler; Stacey Burgess, Kapunda; Jess Wilson, Willaston. Defenders: Kirsty Barker, Kapunda; Hayley Spaans, Tanunda; Alison Schahinger, Willaston. Umpire, Lee-Anne Cummins.

Trish Helbig from Nuriootpa was presented with a special service award, acknowledging her long and dedicated commitment to Barossa, Light & Gawler Netball Association.