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Lions help local family

Lions help local family

Generous funding from the Barossa Valley Lions Club has allowed the purchase of a disability lifter to make the lives of a local family much easier. 

Phil and Colleen Gould’s son, Greg was unfortunately involved in a serious car accident that left him wheelchair bound. 

Car trips became difficult and uncomfortable, and with expenses already high for disability care they decided to seek help.

The couple wrote a letter to the Lions Club, and soon received a response from President, Mr Lawrence Linke who said that the club would be only too happy to assist the family. 

“This is the very thing the Lions Club are all about,” said Lawrence. “We certainly felt that we should do something to help them out as they were a family in great need.”

Lawrence described Colleen’s reaction when he told her the news as “one of the happiest I’ve ever heard someone.”

Even though the club were able to purchase the lifter GST exempt, the cost still came to $5,575.

The ‘Access Limited’ lifter was presented to the family last Friday, and all that were there to witness it were amazed at the ease, comfort and compact size of the lifter.

The metal structure attaches to the front passenger side of a car and allows those in wheelchairs to be easily lifted into the vehicle.

“It feels like freedom,” said Colleen. “The potential is huge… we’ll be able to do more things as a family which is absolutely awesome.”

Phil adds, “The Lions Club were willing to come on board really quickly, it’s been brilliant.”

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The generosity from the club has given the Goulds a new bout of positivity and hope for the future.