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Gourmet Weekend Profile: Margaret Lehmann

Gourmet Weekend Profile: Margaret Lehmann

What’s your best memory?

I have so many “best” memories. The Gourmet Weekends became a time of reunion for many Barossans and the beginning of new friendships.  

The old saying, “You can take a person out of the Barossa, but not the Barossa out of the person” was proven time and again!  Much was the happy reminiscing and Peter and I treated it as one big personal house party.

Oh, one special memory was waking up on August 18, 1996 to see the Kaiserstuhl and Pewsey Peak covered in snow.

 How did you determine your programme for Gourmet?  Food, wine or music?

I certainly approached it as the full package.  I didn’t treat each element separately, but obviously having a good restaurant was crucial.  I think one of the more amazing Gourmets was having the famous Ming with his Peking Ducks which were cooked in a wood-fired olive shaped Chinese duck oven.   Many, many ducks were sacrificed to the cause.

 What attracts you… big names (labels/chefs) or hidden treasures (venues/food)?

I have tended to visit wineries with which I have a particular affinity and who I know do these things well.

 Favourite destinations?

They will also vary from year to year, depending on who is offering what.

 Thirty years – what has changed?

Thank heavens a lot has changed as the Gourmet Weekend evolves.  There is a greater diversity of wine/food functions.  Participants are not restricted to wineries, nor is each having to follow the same pattern.  I think much more is on offer to attract and excite visitors.  It is a healthy and vibrant scene.