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Knoll looks to build stronger links with Germany

Knoll looks to build stronger links with Germany

Mr Stephan Knoll, Schubert MP has defended his tax payer funded trip to Germany and the UK earlier this month and has made a commitment to follow up opportunities locally.

Mr Knoll told The Leader last week he learnt a lot more than imagined during his 14 day tour, part of which included participating in a Federal Government Austrade Trade Mission.

“Things like our transport systems versus the tube system in London,” said Mr Knoll.

“The roads in Germany and the open speed limits. The Germans build their villages up and not out. 

“What we argue about desperately simply aren’t issues over there. The debates we are having aren’t universal.”

He was fortunate to discuss the opportunity to build the subs in Adelaide and felt the Germans have a really strong bid.

“They are able to build a cost competitive product… we want a local build and the Germans are committed to building everything in Australia,” said Mr Knoll.

“The prospect is extremely exciting and they had a very compelling argument.”

When it comes the wine industry, Mr Knoll learnt the German wine industry domestically mirrors that of Australia and Barossa has a strong brand that’s recognised.

“The Germans are dealing with the same thing,” said Mr Knoll.

“Wine manufacturers have the same issue. The German brand overall has suffered from an image of low quality and they are looking at ways to improve that image.

“They are doing some things… a wine grading system where wine is tested four times a year in a blind tasting. The quality system is judged and the consumers look for colours which reflect the level of quality they wish to purchase.

“This is their way of trying to help the consumer understand that there is good everyday wine and quality wine.”

Mr Knoll also learnt about wine co-operatives  where grapes are tested by all growers who give a quality score. He felt this way encourages growers to make a better quality article.

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