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Gourmet Weekend Profile: Maggie Beer

Gourmet Weekend Profile: Maggie Beer

What’s your best memory? 

Many years ago when we were involved at the Pheasant Farm, the Haggards who were a wonderful group of musicians played and we all finished up dancing the afternoon away. 

How do you determine your programme for Gourmet? Food, wine or music? 

For me its firstly about the music, that gets me to a particular winery and then if the food is right it’s the icing on the cake. It’s such a treat to have so many choices of who’s performing, and where, when it comes to Gourmet Weekend. I love that.

What attracts you… big names (labels/chefs) or hidden treasures (venues/food)? 

Hidden treasures more often than not. Although some of my special friends happen to be those big names! I’m guided by who is staying with us at the time too as we often have friends come stay over Gourmet Weekend; it’s amazing how you see things through fresh eyes when you have someone with you experiencing Gourmet Weekend for the first time.

Favourite destinations? 

If either of my daughters have an event running, that’s always the first on my priority list, and then it will all be decided by the music no matter how many sentimental favourites I have in the Barossa.

Thirty Years, what has changed?

So much! The event is so much bigger now, and attracts people from further afar. The fantastically eclectic mix of music from jazz to classical gives such an air of possibilities and the amazing food that often comes out of makeshift kitchens always amazes me.