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Angaston remembers

Angaston remembers

Memorabilia from WWI and WWII filled the Old Union Chapel in Penrice last week for Angaston Remembers, part of SA’s annual History Festival – “About Time”.

Hosted by the Angaston & Penrice Historical Society, organisers sourced a range of items including photographs, artefacts, personal letters and memoirs from public and private collections that were presented together for the first time during the three day event which began last Friday.

Angaston & Penrice Society’s Mr Peter Flaherty brought his uncle’s WWII uniform for display.

Captain Desmond Charles Pinchen married Peter’s mother’s sister and the uniform on display was worn on their wedding day.

“We rescued them from the moths. He only died five years ago, he was 94,” said Peter.

An old Morse Code machine as well as information on the Gallipoli landing were also on display.

“It’s very good, it has a huge amount of detail in it….The campaign, the landing, why we fought and what went wrong. You can see why they didn’t have a hope… It was just a killing field,” Peter said.

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