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Errol retires after 35 years of service

Errol retires after 35 years of service

Mr Errol Andrews, Grounds person at Nuriootpa High School, is retiring from his position after 35 years of service.

Errol originally used to be a bus driver where he used to do the Seppeltsfield drive, Angaston drive and then drop the younger children at Light Pass.

At Nuriootpa High School he undertook jobs for the Agriculture, Physical Education and the Tech faculties.

Errol took over from the previous grounds person after he retired and became a full time grounds person.

“I used to have a whole list of what needed to be done and heaps of writing on it. There was just so much work. You did as much as you could do,” said Errol.

Errol explained that he did most of the work that usually required a tradesman and if a tradesman did come in he would still help them with their job.

Errol said he disliked it when some of the children hit over the football poles and he would have to pull them out of the cement slabs and replace them back in because it was a difficult job.

He also had to handle a lot of the plumbing around the school and picked up the gardening duties from the previous grounds person.

One of Errol’s achievements has been the sign he created which is located in the gardens at the front of the Languages building.

The sign shows the distance in kilometres between various cities around the world from the school.

Mr Neil White, Principal of Nuriootpa High School, congratulated Errol on such a long and distinguished time he has worked at the high school.

“We want to thank Errol for the commitment to the school and also for the work he has undertaken outside of his normal working hours.

“When there is a school event either after hours or on the weekend, Errol is there to assist in setting up and to pack things away.

“Many of the students enjoy Errol’s work and also his personality and his ability to relate to students,” said Neil.

Mrs Ann-Marie Ward, Business Manager at Nuriootpa High School, said that Errol had a, “friendly and caring nature for going over and above what is required. He is a valued member of the school community and is always available to help students when they need support around the grounds.”

Errol was originally from Canberra before he moved down to the Barossa with his family into a small cottage, which he did up himself while he worked as a postman.

Errol and his wife, Marjie, have recently moved into Nuriootpa after living at Rifle Range Road after many years.

They moved after being worried about the fires that have occurred recently around the area.

When Errol started at Nuriootpa High School, it was because his children went there and he thought he would leave after all of his kids went through school.

Errol ended up staying for longer than he had originally planned, saying the children have been nice and he has enjoyed the work.

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