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Climbing to new heights

Climbing to new heights

Mrs Diana Phibbs, personal trainer at The Rex, will be joining in the Stadium Stomp at Adelaide Oval along with some of her clients and fellow trainers.

The Stadium Stomp, held on June 14, is the first of its kind in South Australia with the event being held at major stadiums in Australia including the MCG, The GABA and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The event involves participants running up and down 6,000 stairs of the newly redeveloped Adelaide Oval to raise funds for the Little Heroes Charity.

Diana said, “It’s a new fitness challenge. We have done the runs, we have done the obstacle courses, we have done the ToughMudder and True Grit, this is something new to SA so I thought this would be great to take my clients too.”

There are so far a possible three trainers going with Diana as well as a group of 15-20 people who were interested in joining in the event.

Diana says this is a good time of the year for the event since the Barossa races finish around the end of May and this will carry her clients over in the next month.

“I am always looking for new fitness challenges to give my clients, something else to focus on instead of just coming in to train. It’s a new goal which is a little exciting,” said Diana.

Diana said that doing these events are not only for fitness but can be a source of fun when doing the course to music and enjoying the event with friends.

“With any kind of fitness event, you come out of it feeling fantastic, because you have finished something.

“There is a feeling of success and that’s what you should be feeling every time that you use your body the way it is meant to be used,” said Diana.

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