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Welcoming the Vintage Festival

Welcoming the Vintage Festival

Preparations are in hand for The Barossa Vintage Festival which officially commences from Wednesday, April 15 to Sunday, April 19 and to mark our biannual event The Leader this week includes a special 28 page supplement highlighting all the important events and attractions to see.

Enormous planning by hundreds of local people goes into the success of our Vintage Festival. The event itself attracts visitors from throughout the world and probably brings literally millions of dollars to our region in tourism spend both now and into the future.

The Barossa Vintage Festival showcases all things good about our region, our food, wine, music, lifestyle and history.

Whilst this year’s Festival will be slightly shorter than the traditional week long event, there will still be plenty happening.

There is just so much to see with Yalumba Festival Garden, Ziegenmarkt at Goat Square, Tanunda, The Feast which takes on a new style from the traditional Vintage Ball and then there is the Festival Parade which is always a colourful spectacle highlighting the thoughtful minds of local people.

The Barossa Vintage Festival helps to honour our history and at the same time recognise the region’s achievements.

It is truly a local event, put on for local people  by local people who invite the rest of the world to join in the fun.