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Davidson Reserve Kapunda upgrade

Davidson Reserve Kapunda upgrade

The Davidson Reserve at Kapunda, affectionately know as the ‘Duck Pond’, is in the process of a significant redevelopment scheme, an initiative that will see vast improvements to the popular community space enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

The project was initiated after the lake began rapidly loosing water through evaporation, combined with the sluice (flood) gates leaking.

This has happened before, but this time the aim is to properly fix the issues.

It will involve repairing the sluice gates, landscaping the garden surroundings and generally cleaning out the lake.

Contractors were scheduled to commence the initial work last week, however due to the public holiday, the major works will commence this week.

Mayor Bill O’Brien of Light Regional Council is excited about revitalising the landmark, “Davidson Reserve is a major landmark at Kapunda, and as a result of this very serious clean up will see improved water and water security.”

Council staff have so far worked hard to steam clean the board walks, which have been subject to years of geese inhabiting the area, as well as clear the walkways.

The lake has also been drained to allow contractors to remove the waste and clean the bottom.

Mr O’Brien says, “You would not believe what has been thrown in there over the years, items such as tyres and even concrete slabs and a couple of bikes.”

It will require a period of rain to refill the pond after repairs have been carried out, although Mr O’Brien says that there could be a contingency plan to transfer water from other sources should there be a prolonged period of dry weather and this was the only option.

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