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Youth hub, alcohol and drugs services needed

Youth hub, alcohol and drugs services needed

Abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs, lack of transport and the need for a youth hub were key issues that were raised at the Barossa
Community Youth Health Forum held on March 4 at the Nuriootpa Sporting Complex.

The forum was attended by 44 local residents, local high school students and health professionals who took part in a world café style discussion to identify services that could improve the health of local young people.

The event was facilitated by the Barossa Local Health Cluster.

President, Mr Wayne Perry said the forum was an overwhelming success and that the issues raised were consistent with previous research in the area.

“Lack of transport around the Barossa and to Adelaide is a huge issue for our young people, because it makes it difficult  for them to access services and entertainment around the region,” Mr Perry said.

He is also leading the Regional Youth Bus project with Barossa Lower North Futures.

He said  the bus would be made available in the coming weeks for mobile delivery of youth services, recreational activities and education programmes and it could also be used to help solve some transport issues in the region.

The forum also identified that more education and services to combat alcohol and drug use were needed for young people in the Valley and Lower North.

Local students at the forum suggested that a youth hub with coffee, entertainment, and an adult available for advice would be a welcome addition.