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Cuts will impact communities says Samantha

Cuts will impact communities says Samantha

There’s a push to reduce speed limits in rural areas to 100km/h in an effort to reduce fatalities on country roads.

In response to the report released this month, Light Road Safety Group founder, Ms Samantha Mitchell said a one size fits all policy isn’t necessarily the most effective and has encouraged discussion on the issue.

“Any changes in our rural roads need to be looked at with a broad perspective… it needs to be a multiple prong approach,” said Samantha.

Samantha said speed limits are not the only factor to consider when analysing fatalities and cited road conditions and driver behaviour also needs to be taken into account.

But as roads across the Light and Barossa Council areas have already been reduced to 100 km/h, or in some cases to 80 km/h, Samantha said what is more concerning is to see an increase in the amount of drug drivers in the state.

For someone who lost someone through drug use and driving, Samantha said it is important people are responsible about drug use.

“The fatality data we are seeing is that drug driving is becoming more prominent and involved in more serious accidents,” said Samantha.

“People need to be responsible about their use. As unfortunate as it is, it isn’t until something happens that people change their behaviour.”

The State Government intends to consult with the community following the report, which was compiled by the Centre for Automotive Safety Research.