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106th birthday for Esther

106th birthday for Esther

As far as one family is aware, Tanunda Lutheran Home is where the oldest citizen in South Australia lives.

Mrs Esther Roocke has just celebrated her 106th birthday and her son-in-law, Vic Lehmann has exhausted all avenues in his mission to find out whether Esther has set a record.

“I’ve rung every organisation I can think of but they say they don’t keep that kind of information,” said Mr Lehmann.

Whether she is the oldest or not, current Tanunda Lutheran Home staff can’t remember anyone reaching that age in recent history and were proud that Esther could celebrate her milestone on Saturday.

Esther’s daughter, Joyce Lehmann visits her mother every two days and described how “very special” it is to still have her in their lives.

“It’s absolutely wonderful,” said Joyce.

“I come over here to see how she’s going. I’m accepting it the way it is – some days good, some days bad. She’s usually pretty good and she always knows you. I sit alongside of her and tell her what I want to tell her and if she responds, well and good and if she doesn’t, I accept that too.”

Joyce’s brother, Murray Roocke from Esther’s original home region of Eudunda, is also proud of his mother.

 “She’s been a terrific mum over the years,” he said.

“How many can say they still have a mother at that age? I talk to the lads up there at the Club on a Friday night and when I say mum’s still alive, they can’t believe it and say how lucky I am,” he said.

Longevity runs in the family with Esther’s father living to 102 and his siblings all living into their high nineties.

Esther’s own siblings have also lived well into their nineties with two still here to celebrate their eldest sister’s special birthday.

Matriarch of a family which spans five generations, Esther is proud of her five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren and delights in seeing them all, especially the youngest.

“When she sees Brock she lights up like a Christmas Tree,” said Vic.

“She just loves the little ones – she lives for that.”