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Not a dumping ground

Not a dumping ground

People dumping unwanted household goods at Community Helpers Furniture Warehouse, Nuriootpa means less money is donated back into the Barossa community, according to manager, Mr David Penny.

In recent weeks the Railway Terrace site has been inundated with unwanted household items, which are not in the right condition to sell and will therefore need to be dumped.

Mr Penny said they have paid more than $1,000 in dump fees over the last few months in addition to the $240 to have their
large skip bin emptied periodically.

“When we came in over the holidays there was just a pile of stuff at the back door,” said Mr Penny.

“We want people to give and we greatly appreciate what people give us and we don’t want people to stop giving.

“But if possible, phone us or get us to collect it or if you have to drop it off, ask if it is suitable to be taken.”

Mr Penny said many choose to dump their unwanted items at Community Helpers to avoid dump fees and suggested something similar to what other council’s provide for hard rubbish collection would be helpful.