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Major fires hit Angaston

Major fires hit Angaston

In excess of 200 fire fighters battled two major fires around the Barossa region yesterday as the windy conditions threatened houses and lives.

Over 1,500 hectares has been burnt since the first fire broke out near Angaston at approximately 11.40 a.m. adjacent Lindsay Park Road and Hutton Vale Road.

The wind caused the uncontrollable fire to spread in an easterly direction towards Truro Road and Stone Jar Road, posing a threat to the Hutton Vale Homestead and Ellendale Homestead.

As The Leader went to print, Barossa Police Chief Inspector Alex Zimmermann said there had been no injuries and only one shed had been lost.

As the fire got out of hand and local crews were spread thin, strike crews were deployed from the Adelaide Hills and Murrayland brigades.

In addition to the support of other regions, Chief Inspector Zimmermann said two water bombers and two aerial observers as well as numerous farm fire fighting units worked together with the CFS to try and control the fire.

Local businesses such as Booth Transport also helped by sending in two water tankers, while neighbouring councils including Mid Murray Council offered three graders and water tankers.

The fire also posed a threat to Moculta, but a change of wind sent the fire away from the town.

Chief Inspector Zimmermann said as The Leader went to print only one shed had been lost, however the fire was still uncontrolled and in danger of spreading further.

“We are expecting winds of up to 70 kilometres an hour within the next few hours,” he said.

“The fire is currently in a vastly populated area and CFS crews are hitting the fire as best and as quickly as possible in an effort to manage the effects of the coming winds.

“Unfortunately the same areas are being affected as those in the January fires.”