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74% tax hike

Mid Murray Council with a 74 per cent tax hike to the State Government’s Emergency Services Levy, is facing an $8,491 increase.

Previously Mid Murray Council paid $11,480 rising this year to $19,971.

The Barossa Council will be hit with an additional $5,890 rising from $11,161 to $17,051.

Light Regional Council tax will rise by $2,868. It increases from $5,296 to $8,164.

Town of Gawler will receive a $6,656 hit, rising from $10, 967 to $17,623.

Mr Steven Griffiths, shadow minister for Local Government said South Australia’s 68 Councils face substantial increases in their ESL tax putting further pressure on rates and the delivery of council services.

“The newly elected Councils will need to undertake an immediate budget review to compensate for the financial impacts of the savage ESL increases,” said Mr Griffiths.

“The ESL tax will claw millions of dollars out of councils and that will be paid for by increases in rates or a reduction in services like libraries, roads and footpaths.

“Once again it will be South Australian families that ultimately bear the brunt of the Weatherill Government’s ESL tax grab.