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CFS looking for fresh faces

CFS looking for fresh faces

Mr Kym Haebich, Northern Barossa Group Officer, is encouraging everyone fit and able to join the CFS.

“The demographics of the CFS are getting older and we need some new, young guys to come in and learn from us, “ he said.

“Having young people in the brigade brings fresh, new ideas to the table and sometimes different ways of doing things.”

The Northern Barossa Group have put up banners around their region in an effort to trigger more interest.

“Its not something we do every year, but we really need more volunteers,” he said. “People are more than welcome to join, there is always room.

“Whilst there may be reasonable numbers in the books, not everybody will be available to fight every fire.

“The fires earlier this year definitely helped with recruiting however we certainly don’t wish for big fires just for recruiting purposes.”

Mr Haebich said becoming a CFS volunteer could be a very rewarding experience.

“It is an opportunity to give back to the community, meet a wide range of people and learn some good, new skills,” he said.

“People really enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship.

“If you are serious about giving to the community, there is potential to turn it into a career.

“We have people from our region who have become regional commanders and training officers, the opportunities are out there.”

Mr Haebich warned that this fire season could have the potential to be quite busy.

“There is a lot very dry soil with dry fuels on the surface, very flammable growth,” he said.

“The schedule has been moved forward two weeks, there is a chance it could get quite busy.

“There are a lot of people out there who may have been thinking about joining for a while and now is the time to put those thoughts into action.”