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Local officers to carry ECDs

Local officers to carry ECDs

Barossa Local Service Area police officers are now able to personally carry Electronic Control Devices due to a change in policy last Wednesday.

The change in policy means that all patrol crews will be issued with an ECD, the preferred, non-lethal operational option.

Until now, strict guidelines were in place dictating that officers must keep the ECD in the boot of a patrol vehicle, only to be removed in the case of a high risk incident where a weapon is being used.

The new policy provides greater protection and a better option to control a dangerous situation.

Senior Sergeant Martin Kennedy believes ECDs are a very practical tool, which has saved lives in the Barossa local service area.

“We have successfully used an ECD on an armed person, which meant we didn’t require the use of more legal force,” he explained.

“This was an instance when the tool was used from the boot because it was a situation that escalated slowly.

“In an instance when the situation is escalating rapidly, it’s another good option on hand.

“I’m sure the community would prefer for their local police to have options at hand rather than in the boot or locked up in the police station.”

A very deliberate approach has been taken during the staged rollout of ECDs.