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New tool in crime fighting

Police from the Barossa Local Service Area will now be equipped with Electronic Control Devices.

Whilst police have carried a traditional firearm for many years, this latest piece of technology helps reduce the risk to police in apprehending an offender who may potentially be violet to them or members of the public.

This additional piece of equipment now gives police more choice in dealing with the various situations they may experience.

Violent offenders who may resist arrest also place our local police in danger themselves. The taser or ECD is certainly a less painful option than a police officer’s revolver.

However, at the same time it is amazing how often police are uncovering offenders with fully operational military style rifles in their possession.

Thankfully Australia does not permit the average person to legally own this type of firearm.

Already the ECD has been used with success by Barossa police and according to Senior Sergeant Martin Kennedy, it has actually been noted as being responsible for saving lives in our region.

It makes little sense for police to have to run to the boot of their police car to access equipment that is needed to protect themselves in the line of duty and that of the public.

Sadly there will always be that small percentage of the public who will disobey the law and put other people’s lives at risk. Having a professionally trained and well equipped police force to protect us is something for which we should all be grateful for.