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Retail boost for Kapunda

Retail boost for Kapunda

New retail options have doubled for Kapunda with two supermarket proposals now seeking approval.

Last Friday, Ciborex Pty Ltd lodged their application with Light Regional Council to develop a site opposite their existing FoodWorks supermarket in the main street.

Ciborex Pty Ltd Director, Mr Noel Allen said,  “The application is for a store of 1450 square metres with rear car parking, to be situated in the Retail Precinct of the Kapunda Town Centre. The store is designed to reflect the heritage nature of its main street location and enhance the street scape.

“In early 2013 Australian United Retailers Limited undertook an extensive demographic and market assessment of Kapunda and its catchment. It predicted the maximum achievable retention of trade within Kapunda is 80 per cent retention level, and can therefore support 1463 square metres of supermarket space.

“This supermarket is designed to provide for that maximum level of supermarket space in a modern store offering a full range of products and services.”

Mr Allen expressed his concern for the retail precinct in Kapunda saying it had become “degraded” due to a high proportion of vacant shops and “shrinking” services. He said the $4 million Ciborex proposal  will help counteract the problem.

“The siting of the new supermarket in this precinct will invigorate the location. This is the right size, in the right place to support the centre of town so we don’t end up with a ghost town,” said Mr Allen.

“A lot of my concern is the heritage of this town – heritage is only supported by viable business.”

The existing FoodWorks building will be developed as alternative business should the proposal be given approval.