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Community rallies after robbery

Last Thursday’s bank robbery in Mount Pleasant is a reminder to us all how resilient a community can be.

Some may say Mount Pleasant is a sleepy little town, in the Adelaide Hills, but witnessing the robbery investigation unfold and the amount of traffic through Melrose Street (that weren’t police, detectives and city media) shows it is a town on the edge of the Barossa that is alive and well.

When you look at the offerings of Mount Pleasant – a school, hospital, library, two pubs and a number of family owned businesses – it really is vibrant and there are a number of people within the township who have contributed to the community.

It took one person to turn the town upside last week but it will be the whole community that brings it back together and shows their support for the staff and their families during this time.

And just like they have done the two times before, Mount Pleasant will bounce back and will be remembered for more than this bank robbery.