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Protecting our industries

Protecting our industries

News this week that an overseas company has been chosen over Adelaide based Rossi Boots to supply boots to our military should be seen as an unwise move.

South Australia and Australia in general have lost far too many industries over the past. Within only a few years we will most probably no longer have any car manufacturing in Australia.

When we lose manufacturing industries we also lose the associated skills that come with those industries.

Looking back to World War II, Crowe & Newcombe in Angaston was able to supply dried fruit to Australian soldiers fighting in the jungle of New Guinea. Important gun and aeroplane parts were manufactured at Hawke & Co. in Kapunda and Australian army instruction manuals were printed by The Leader.

In wartime, industries become even more important to a nation’s survival and from the previous list of industries that helped our war effort only The Leader survives today.

Australians and not just our government, need to realise and protect our own industries, especially in the event of a war.

It might be wonderful for our Australian military to have all their uniforms being manufactured in overseas countries as a cost cutting exercise but how do we access these materials in the event of a war and furthermore how do we then equip our military?

During World War II America quickly became our most important ally in the defence of Australia.

One of the greatest reasons for the strength of America in World War II was their ability to manufacture army tanks, trucks, jeeps, etc. faster than the opponents, and importantly pretty much everything was manufactured within the U.S.A.

If we are not willing to support our Australian manufacturing now then we can hardly expect it to be around in our time of need.