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Ripping off our volunteers

The yearly range of State tax hikes have hit once again, most of which we have little that we can do but grin and bear it. However one tax that should be questioned is a 33% increase to the police screening and background check application.

The government has in recent years, explained that their hikes in fees are designed as a user pays service. If that is the case, then does this latest tax hike mean our dedicated volunteers are actually helping to more fund the SA Police who process these applications?

According to Ms Rachel Sanderson, M.P., Shadow Minister for Volunteers, this new tax hike will raise $3.21 million in revenue next year.

It does seem unfair that employers including schools, aged care and disability services as well as non government organisations, sporting and service groups require screening and background checks to comply with government regulations.

Every volunteer together with virtually every sporting and service organisation together with many businesses will be adversely affected by this burden.

Australia has always been a country of strong volunteer ethics but applying never ending tax increases just to volunteer will show its effect in the years to come through an eventual lack of people willing to pay such unjust costs.