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Council take action on Moculta roads

Due to the number of concerns over the poor conditions of the roads in Moculta, The Barossa Council have commenced a plan that should reduce the formation of potholes on the unsealed roads.

With the allocation of over $800,000 for re-sheeting, along with a patrol grading programme worth over $300,000, the council aims to maintain the shape and surface of these country roads.  This equates to over 77,000 tonnes of rubble and gravel being transported graded, compacted and trimmed.

Some of the specific areas that the council have taken action in include:

Patrol grading Keyneton Road from Moculta Oval to Gruenberg Road – (Completed 9/5/14).

Re-sheeting of Keyneton Road from Moculta Oval to Pipeline-Moculta Road – (Scheduled 12/5/14).

Investigating the re-alignment of Keyneton Road near Parrot Hill Road and Floodway.

Assessing the categorisation of the road to determine if change is appropriate given increased freight movements.

Reviewing a number of other roads in the vicinity, to ensure they are appropriately prioritized.

Considering increasing the frequency of patrol grading to accommodate increased traffic volumes.

“We are scheduling other works in the Moculta area and whilst some of these actions were already planned, we have reviewed the current condition of upcoming road works to ensure we are addressing them in order of priority,” said Director of Works and Engineering, Mr Peter Bice.