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Maintaining our local roads

Maintaining our local roads

Two separate letters submitted to The Leader this week highlight the need for some fairly serious road improvement in the back streets of Moculta.

The Barossa Council no doubt has regular need of its funds to assist local ratepayers in many different needs. Roads are just one of the many things on peoples’ wish lists.

Local Government and The Barossa Council is no exception, has been facing a tough challenge in past years as our Federal Government continues to cut back on its traditional road funding, meaning that local councils are forced more and more to find their own funding.

Roads into town are a fairly important part of most peoples’ routine. Plus local roads need to be well maintained in the event of not only daily use but also in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire, motor vehicle crash or police need.

Those who have ever witnessed an emergency situation will know well that minutes really literally do become hours when you are waiting for an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance.

Unsafe roads can even cause motor vehicle crashes, plus if a motorist already suffers from a serious back complaint, a road with pot holes will most certainly only add to the driver’s discomfort.

During World War II when Australia was facing the very real threat of a Japanese invasion an Australian Government report revealed at the time how important it was then to have well maintained roads in order to move troops to different locations of our country.