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Penrice debt impacts local businesses

The operators of two Barossa transport businesses, who are among a long list of companies owed money by Penrice Soda Holdings, have had sleepless nights as they continue to count the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are owed by the company which went into administration last month.

Milton Transport and Kuchel Contractors have had a long association with the quarry at Angaston but have had to reassess their operations and diversify their business
in an effort to keep their family businesses operational.

For Mrs Tania Milton and husband, Andrew they are desperate to have every single cent they are owed – the result of years of hard work and daily deliveries from the quarry.

“We are not a big corporate company… we are a family business and not in a position to absorb this sizeable amount of money owed,” said Tania.

“It has had an effect on everything we have worked for, for the last three years and at present.”

Ninety per cent of their business operations was with the quarry but earlier this year the couple decided to hold back on their dealings and prior to that they had already begun diversifying their operations.

“We have had to diversify and go into different areas,” said Tania.

“And at present we are working for the administrators of Penrice Soda Holdings with guaranteed payment.

“We have got to be realistic, we can’t stay with our head in the sand but there has been lots of disappointments and sleepless nights wondering whether we will receive money owed.”

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