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Little corellas a big problem for Nuriootpa

Little corellas a big problem for Nuriootpa

A large flock of little corellas is continuing to terrorise Nuriootpa.

The birds, that were moved on from the Gawler area by the local gun club are estimated to be between five and six thousand strong in numbers.

Causing devastation throughout the town, the birds are leaving a trail of destruction at Nuriootpa Primary School, along the banks of the Para River, Nuriootpa Centennial Park and at Nuriootpa Bowling Club.

Originally attracted to the area by the grape marc heaps at Tarac, the corellas are now also feeding from the tender grass roots at the primary school.

Not only are the birds leaving a mess of droppings but are also stripping the gum trees of foliage along the Para River.

The Barossa Council are continually cleaning up the mess caused by the birds eating away at the tops of the trees, preventing the refuse from finding its way into drainage systems.

Residents have expressed their concerns that corella droppings will contaminate rainwater tanks on homes and cause health hazards.

A total of $3,600 was spent in the repair of floodlights at Nuriootpa oval over five separate occasions, after the little corellas chewed through the electrical wiring.

Greenkeeper at Nuriootpa Bowling Club, Mr Geoff Langley admits that keeping the birds off the two bowling greens is a never-ending job.

The birds attack the bowling greens before dawn and at twilight, scratching and digging holes in to the playing surface.

Like the oval, the birds have cost the bowling club $2,000 in the repair of electrical wiring.

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