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Woolworths purchase Barossa site

A prime piece of Barossa land has been purchased by Woolworths, which could pave the way for
future improvements to a nearby winery.

The Barossa Junction site on Barossa Valley Way, Tanunda has been purchased by the company, who this week said they had no immediate plans for the location but added any plans would be related to the wine industry.

The Barossa Valley Way land is adjacent Dorrien Winery and Cellarmasters, both owned by Woolworths following an acquisition in early 2011.

Barossa Council director of development and environmental services, Mr Ian Baldwin said Council had not received correspondence regarding the continuation of existing use or any future change of use of the land.

He said the land is located within the Primary Production (Barossa Valley Region) Zone as identified within Council’s authorised Development Plan. Zone objectives seek to preserve rural land and landscape character by limiting non-agricultural development.

“Any proposed change of use of the land is likely to be subject to application for a “non-complying” form of development requiring formal public notification and representation processes under the Development Act, and assessment against the provisions of the Character
Preservation (Barossa Valley) Act,” said Mr Baldwin.

It is understood the company are seeking to purchase other nearby properties.

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