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Drug driving alarm

Drug driving alarm

The dramatic increase in detections of positive drug driver screening tests across the Barossa region has raised concern for local police, who say they will continue to target drug and alcohol impaired drivers.

Acting Senior Sergeant Matthew Patterson said 19 per cent of all drivers screened for drugs in the Barossa Local Service Area have returned positive results to cannabis or methamphetamine while driving.

This compares to one per cent of all drivers screened that have returned a positive result to alcohol.

“Alcohol and drugs can severely impact your ability to drive properly,” said A/Snr. Sgt. Patterson.

“Small quantities of either drugs or alcohol affect people differently but will impact upon motor skills.

“The combination of alcohol, illicit or prescribed drugs can be especially dangerous.”

While A/Snr. Sgt. Patterson said they are not removing their focus on drink driving they will increase their focus on drug driving.

“We will focus on it more as a LSA,” said A/Snr. Sgt. Patterson.

“And will try and do everything we can to remove it.”

Any driver can be asked to submit to a drug driving test – a device which tests for cannabis and methamphetamine.

A/Snr. Sgt. Patterson said drugs can stay in the body for sometime and emphasises the importance of thinking of the consequences before getting behind the wheel.

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