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Blaze Aid success

A posthole digger purchased by the Angaston Ag. Bureau to kick start the Blaze Aid programme in Victoria has come full circle, assisting local farmers and property owners following the Eden Valley bushfire.

Blaze Aid co-ordinator Mr Brian Carr said the posthole digger has been used
numerous times since it was donated by the bureau five years ago.

The posthole digger has been used on some of the bureau members’ properties, who admit they never thought it would
return to the region.

“None of us went over expecting it would come back,” said Mr James Graetz.

“It is incredible from our point of view, it has been to Victoria, Queensland,
New South Wales and has come back and is still going.”

Blaze Aid and a band of volunteers converged on the area last week after calling Palmer base in response to the Rockleigh and Eden Valley fires.

It is expected they will be here for at least five more weeks as they call Angas Recreation Park their base camp.

In seven weeks, close to 70 kilometres of fencing has been erected – quite a job considering old fencing and burnt posts need to be removed beforehand and often in
challenging conditions of rocky soil and uneven land.

“We are here to give them a hand,” said Mrs Chris Carr, of Blaze Aid.

Mr Dick Evans and Mr Bruce Verrall whose properties were affected by the Eden Valley fire said the Blaze Aid concept is very kind and a great help in taking the pressure off the local farmers.

The story first appeared in the April 9 edition of The Leader.