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Generosity extends beyond fire victims

Generosity extends beyond fire victims

Flaxman’s Valley resident, Mrs Kay Zander describes herself as a farmer’s wife, but for many people in the region she is the unsung hero who helped in the days and weeks after the Eden Valley bushfires.

She continues to show her support, now with local farmers as they support Blaze Aid volunteers and is helping with a Movie Night fundraiser at Gawler Cinema on April 7.

It was a week in January that many would rather forget – fires ignited by lightning strikes in Flaxman’s Valley and as crews converged to deal with dry and hot conditions, days after they turned their focus to the Eden Valley bushfire which destroyed homes, sheds and burnt more than 27,000 hectares of land.

But it was the visit to people she knew in Jutland Road that soon turned Kay’s focus to helping all residents in the area and what was the start of delivering food to a community in need.

“I thought at the time who was helping the farmers at the moment,” said Kay.

“From there, I called for donations and I was picking up food… people were dropping food off and I was going out to deliver the packages.”

It became a routine for at least two weeks as Kay visited Foodland to purchase cold meat and salads, water and muesli bars in the morning and then returning home to make salad rolls and put together food packages to deliver, with outside help, to CFS members and farmers for lunch and then doing another delivery of lasagnas and other dinners each night.

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