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Knoll keen to unlock new career

Knoll keen to unlock new career

He may not be allowed into his new office, but the newly elected Member for Schubert, Mr Stephan Knoll is keen to embark on his next career.

Yet to be officially endorsed, Mr Knoll retained the Liberal held seat with 64.6 per cent of the votes where there was a 3.2 per cent swing to Labor after Saturday’s election.

Uncertainty surrounding which party will form Government coupled with not being able to set up the Tanunda based Schubert office until at least next week, hasn’t deterred Mr Knoll in his first days as an MP where he will meet with key business, industry and community leaders this week.

“I want to make sure I have got their priorities firmly in my head… I have met with them before but I want to be as understanding
as I can be of the needs and wants of Schubert,” said Mr Knoll.

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