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The Leader wins two prestigious awards

The Leader wins two prestigious awards

The Leader took out two major awards at this year’s 2013 Newspaper Awards Dinner at the Adelaide Oval on Friday night.

The Leader won for best supplement with its quarterly Food & Wine publication while a series of advertisements for Barossa Chemplus won for Best Advertisement (Image/Branding).

In his judge’s comments, Mr Graham Greenwood described The Leader Food & Wine publication by saying, “This newspaper (The Leader) continues to amaze in the passionate and professional way it goes about its business.

“Management appear to always include its entire staff in any publication it
produces and the pride in their work clearly shows.

“With this publication, staff were involved in all the decision-making, including experimenting with, and choosing news inks and paper stock.

“Despite it being an A4 product what again was impressive is that it was produced entirely on site by its usual
newspaper team, including the product’s glossy front cover.

“This was an amazing achievement because it is clear that many of the quarter fold and A4 publications submitted were printed off site by other contractors.

“In this case newspaper management had invested in various new equipment and this initiative was certainly used to advantage by staff in the various stages of the publication’s production.

“The design was racy, backed by excellent editorial on a wide range of matters relating to the food and wine industry.

“The copy was so good it was difficult to highlight one above the other, but
the “snacks for kids” and “Chefs On The Run” double spread feature segments were real attention grabbers.

“Any advertiser would be proud  to be associated with this publication, which almost certainly ensures it will be larger and more profitable next year.

“The publication was a stand-out winner.”

  For the full story, grab March 12 edition of The Leader.