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Barossa’s food culture preserved

Barossa’s food culture preserved

Barossa food culture will never be lost with a new film preserving the region’s traditional recipes.

The Barons Foundation launched their food project at the Barossa Generations Lunch last Wednesday.

Chefs, Mr Mark McNamara and Mr Callum Hann have spent the past year tracing the Barossa’s food history, putting together six 10 minute videos on their findings.

The chefs selected a range of Barossans, who starred in the films, sharing almost two centuries of traditional methods and recipes.

The Barons of Barossa-funded initiative will be available free to schools, libraries and the community from next year.

“What drove the Barons is we started losing people that held the key to the Barossa’s food heritage,” Mr McNamara said.

“These segments ensure the preservation of our food culture and keep the old traditions alive.”

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