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Recognise us: CFS

Recognise us: CFS

Local CFS members are insulted by the State Government’s failure to support the inclusion of volunteer firefighters in legislation that was approved in Parliament last week.

The worker’s rehabilitation and compensation (SAMFS firefighter’s) amendment bill allows paid firefighters to be compensated if they contract cancer but does not cover their volunteer counterparts.

Mr Erin O’Doherty, Northern Barossa deputy group officer, has slammed the decision saying MFS and CFS fight fires side by side and should be recognised equally.

“I think it is discrimination… if it were any other job situation we would have solicitors in there and there would be a bung fight in court,” said Mr O’Doherty.

As news continues to be filtered through CFS brigades, Mr O’Doherty said it feels like the volunteers have been kicked in the stomach and had the mat pulled underneath them, especially as they were told the CFS would be supported.

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