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John’s road to recovery

John’s road to recovery

John McAuliffe’s story is worthy of the pages of any novel in his Tanunda bookshop.

He has suffered, triumphed and is now moving forward, using his experiences to help others.

Walking into Bull Creek Books, John’s passion for his shop surrounds you. He keeps his shop with pride and little pieces of himself are evident everywhere.

The shop helped him through days of dark depression and gave him the means to make a difference in the most important way possible.

John still tears up when he speaks of the abuse he suffered from a teacher as a 12-year-old.

He can hardly put words to the feelings he has had in the years that followed.

Fifty years passed before the school became aware of the abuse suffered by John and other students, and while sufficient evidence was discovered against the teacher, he passed away before appearing in court.

For the full story, grab August 28 edition of The Leader.