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Angas Park’s farewell

Angas Park’s farewell

Happy memories and sad goodbyes were shared at the 102-year-old Angas Park Fruit Company on Friday after the Angaston factory closed for the last time.

The feeling was sombre after employees who had been with the business for decades saw their co-workers for the last time.

Manager Retail Shops at Angas Park, Mr David Wall said the employees at Angas Park were like a big family.

“The workers found out the news (of the closure) in October and it’s remarkable they have put in so much work until now,” Mr Wall said.

“A lot of friendships have been made here, we’ve worked with each other for a long time.”

Mr Wall had seen a lot of long-serving employees in his time and enjoyed working with them.

“The thing about Angas Park is it’s a big family, I’ve been here for 24 years and I’ve had a lot of good times.”

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