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Voice for young people in Light

Voice for young people in Light

Young Light Regional Council residents could soon have the chance to voice their opinions and contribute to change in the region.

LRC’s new community development officer, Ms Eliza Huppatz is exploring the idea of creating a youth advisory committee (YAC) in the region.

Ms Huppatz, who took on her new role in March, said a YAC would encourage a partnership between young people and council.

“It’s a good vehicle to contact young people about issues in the area,” Ms Huppatz said.

“It would mean there would be young people ready to have a say if something comes up.”

Ms Huppatz said being part of the YAC would be a stepping stone between school and the workforce for young people to build up skills.

She said one issue that needed to be addressed was gaining more support for young people moving from school to tertiary education.

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