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Barossa wine push

Barossa wine push

Grape and wine authorities will push harder to promote the Barossa worldwide, with less wine on the market following two small vintages.

The Barossa is moving into a new era, with maturing vines reaching the peak of their quality, however, producing fewer grapes.

A Barossa commercial, which will be launched on television screens next month, is one of the measures being taken to ensure the Barossa’s visibility.

Barossa Grape and Wine Association (BGWA) CEO, Mr James March; Wine Barossa chairman, Mr Matthew McCulloch and Grape Barossa chairman, Mr Adrian Hoffmann have been working collaboratively to promote brand Barossa.

Mr McCulloch said with less wine available, the next few years would be focussed on tightening the supply, maintaining the quality and promoting the story behind it.

“It is going to be a tricky few years trying to balance that supply and demand; it is certainly going to make things difficult when we have had two relatively small vintages in a row compared to other Australian regions who are not suffering volume wise,” Mr McCulloch said.

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