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Support package for Holden workers

Member for Wakefield, Mr Nick Champion says the government will provide packages to assist those who take redundancies as part of Holden’s announcement last week.

Last Monday, Holden announced their intentions to restructure the manufacturing operations at their Elizabeth plant, resulting in the loss of 400 jobs.

Mr Champion said the news was unwelcome but said Holden’s plans have been generated by the cost of the Australian dollar.

He said the key aspect about the job losses, was that they were voluntary, and assistance, which includes training and reskilling, would be provided to workers to secure other jobs.

“Since the Global Financial Crisis, they have been through a lot and have weathered it all,” said Mr Champion.

With cuts likely to take place by August, Mr Champion said, among other aspects, he would continue to defend the car industry and its place in the state’s economy.

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