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Supporting country schools

A discussion showing support for country schools has left local member, Mr Ivan Venning red faced after he said Keyneton Primary School was under threat of closure.

Neighbouring MP, Mr Dan van Holst Pellekaan made a motion in Parliament this month that the house notes the importance of schools to country towns and recognises the extremely valuable contributions that the school staff make to both the education of local students and their communities more broadly.

Mr Venning entered the discussion, throwing his support behind the motion and his colleague and also highlighted the importance of country schools.

While he has seen the closure of Sedan, Rosedale and Moculta Primary Schools in his electorate, Mr Venning also said Keyneton Primary was under threat.

But since his comments in Parliament, Mr Venning said he’s always been a supporter of the school and was concerned, given its size, that it may be under scrutiny.

“Small country schools are so important to the local community, they create a strong bond within the community,” he said.

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