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Final say on wind farms

Emotions ran high when residents were each given a final five minutes to formally voice their opinion on the proposed Keyneton wind farm last Thursday.

A crowd of about 200 watched as tearful pleas to reject the 42-turbine development were made to a panel of six Development Assessment Commission (DAC) members at Cambrai Institute.

About 15 residents made submissions opposing the development, highlighting the potential health, environmental and visual impacts as the main reasons for their concern.

Many claimed the development had divided the community, some said they had not been officially informed of the construction, while others were unhappy with proposed compensation.

Eden Valley’s Marina Teusner – who presented a particularly emotional speech to the panel – said the four-hour hearing was full of despair, frustration, anger and sadness.

“There were 60 to 70 year old men standing there and weeping before the commission,” Marina said.

“They care because they truly believe they will lose everything if this goes ahead.”

She admitted many residents had already planned to become “grey nomads” and leave the area if the development went ahead.

“It was horrible to see people who had built their homes and raised their kids here, those who came to live a peaceful life, stand before the DAC and cry.”

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