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Programme adds value to Nuriootpa High

Programme adds value to Nuriootpa High

Recognising the need to do more in educating students about social behaviours and values has resulted in Nuriootpa High School implementing the Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning.

And three weeks into the programme, which encourages respect for learning, yourself and others and the environment, the success is already showing.

Principal, Mr Ian Tooley said the programme is complimentary to the wellbeing and academic success of students.

“We are not saying we don’t need or will weaken the student behaviour structures but we will need to use them less,” said Mr Tooley.

“It is very early days but there’s a very good feeling and really exciting approach… really it is about minimising the risk of kids getting it wrong.”

Mr Tooley said extensive research has been undertaken by school staff and it was felt this programme would make a difference in the school which will ultimately extend to the wider community.

“We had a team for the last 18 months who immersed themselves with positive behaviour for learning,” said Mr Tooley.

“We had input from parents, students and staff on what our values and expectations are and what are the most important things for the school.”

One of the main aspects about the programme is recognising when people get it right and following this through by celebrating the achievement. One way this is currently being done is by sending home a postcard, displaying students’ artwork, to parents advising of the success.

“The emphasis is on positive feedback when people get it right,” said Mr Tooley.

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