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Mother campaigns for road safety

A Barossa mum is urging the Motor Accident Commission to step up their driver campaigns following two incidents this month which resulted in the injury of three primary school children.

Miss Nicky Nemet, of Nuriootpa, was horrified to hear of the incidents – one involving a 10 year old boy at Stockwell on February 7 and the other where two students from Nuriootpa Primary, aged 10 and 11, were injured when a vehicle mounted the kerb at Tanunda Road, Nuriootpa last Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to requesting the Motor Accident Commission to run more campaigns of the road rules when children are present and the road rules that need to be followed while the school buses have their lights flashing, Nicky has also lobbied local schools to educate their community.

“You see a lot of drink driving and fatigue signs, but nothing for children,” said Nicky.

“I am not blaming any driver, or children… it is everyone’s role to play, to be aware of each other.”

In her letter to local schools, Nicky is encouraging class room discussions or articles in newsletters, saying something needs to be done.

“Our children have every right to get to and from their destination safely,” said Nicky.

“When I do pick my child up from school I am surprised how arrogant some drivers are, and the risks children are willing to take just to cross the street or chat with their mate.

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