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Talented sportsperson at 91

Talented sportsperson at 91

Challenge Robertstown’s Mrs Evelyn Ross to a game of tennis or lawn bowls and you are sure to lose.

At 91 years old, Evelyn is a talented sportsperson, even claiming the title of Robertstown Ladies’ Bowls Club champion last season.

Her dedication to local sport has earned her the title of Regional Council of Goyder’s Australia Day Citizen of the Year for the Robertstown Ward.

As bowls team manager, tournament director and volunteer for events and fundraisers, Evelyn has been crucial in holding the bowls club together.

“I have just always loved sport. Tennis and bowls were really the only things around back in my day so I played,” Evelyn said.

“I’ve always helped out with catering and fundraisers…I enjoy it and I might as well be doing something rather than sitting at home.”

With close to 120 tennis trophies, Evelyn gave the sport up in her early 80s when she started winning against her 12 grandchildren.

Between playing sport and raising her two sons, Evelyn took care of her mother-in- law who was in a wheelchair, and later her sister-in-law, who became ill.

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