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Lyndoch monument stolen

Lyndoch monument stolen

In the lead up to next year’s World War I centenary, Lyndoch’s Historical Society have been shocked to find a monument for those who died in the battle has been stolen.

Secretary of the Lyndoch and District Historical Society, Mrs Anne Hausler noticed the cross was missing when she turned up for a committee meeting last week.

Mrs Hausler said she, along with other committee members, were shocked to see it had been quite cleanly removed in what she believes is not an act of vandalism, but a theft.

“The thing that is the most frustrating and upsetting is next year is the 100th anniversary of World War I and the monument is dedicated to the people from Lyndoch who were killed during that war,” Mrs Hausler said.

The committee had been working on ways to commemorate the First World War, along with those who served and were killed before the monument went missing.

The large Angaston marble cross, unveiled in 1922, has written on it the names Albert Bitter, Joseph Gilbert, John Gilbert, Norman Johns and John Speck. They are the men from Lyndoch who were killed in action.

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